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AChristmas change
Zeke slept in his bed wondering what sort of pranks he can pull on his roomies on Christmas, not knowing that he roomies well have a prank free Christmas
"You're not going to be doing any prank to anyone" said the man in red himself as Santa looked over at Zeke as he through same powder on him
As the powder touched him his blue streaked spiked black hair lightened to a chocolate brown color and became soft losing its spikes and turning to shoulder length
"oh that looks nice" Nick said as he watched Zeke body change into a girls as his pj's became pink and resize themselves as his grow vanished being replaced by her womanhood and nice c-cups grow on her chest
"Now for your mind" Santa said as he changed reality so that the girls name was Zena and she was cousins to her roommate Sydney like her cousin she can be hyper but is more an outgoing party girl  
As this was going on the room was changing to fit with this new look it was now a girls room the closet had miniskirts, jean'
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Christmas party
Darkness sat wait in an off room in the church as the party went on; you see a few minutes ago Sofia when of the priests and a mage had asked him to come here as they were in need of same help now he was waiting for Sage to tell him what they need help with
"Oh good your still here Darkness" Sage said entering the room in a Santa like outfit
"Sofia said she and the other girls could do with some help, so how can I help" He answered getting up
"Well here's the first part you need a change of clothing" Sage said blowing some dust like powder at him
"What was that" Darkness said not hearing his voice sound higher more like a teenage girl's
"Well we need another girl on the floor" Sage said as Darkness body shimmered as thinned to that of a light skinned teenage girl about 15
"what, you made me a girl at Christmas" Darkness said as he could feel the last two parts change as his manhood started to change and reform itself into her new womanhood as tow small b-cups grow
"well yes sorry about
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Mature content
Santa's daughter :icondoomed-swordmaster:doomed-swordmaster 29 8
Time to cheer
Clyde walked into a building still looking at the flyer he held it said a advertising company was looking for people to help out and he did need some money after all the tg's had cut into his money as his girl form's did buy a lot
"can I help you" a girl with short purple hair and gold cat's eye's said from behind a desk
"yes I'm here about the job" Clyde said showing here the add
"oh yes if you can wait over in that room I'll call Ms. Demonelle to see you " she said pointing to a meeting room "oh and if you get hungry there's food and drink in there" she said picking up a phone as he walked into the room
walking into the meeting room Clyde notice a tray full of cakes with a drink near a chair "must be for people who are waiting" he thought picking up a cake before eating it and going for another not seeing his hair length or his eye's gained a sparkle to then
"Sorry to keep you waiting" a lady with shoulder length blonde hair and red eye's walked in the room
"it's ok" Clyde said finis
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to many choices
"Which group do I belong to?"  This was the only line that was on his mind as Silas looked out at all the groups that were at his school wondering which group he belonged to
"maybe sports, but do I have the body for it" Silas said more to himself then anyone as his body changed to a slender more athletic body of a runner  "maybe not I'm a good runner but I don't really have the focus too be a track runner" he thought as he looked around again
"There's a group everyone wants to be in" this thought appeared as he spotted the popular kids  without him noticing the sleeves of his white school top rolled up showing off his arms but his change wasn't done as he was looking at a popular girl his body changed becoming that of a girl with long waist length golden-blond hair, bright emerald green eyes, her uniform changed to much her body as her shirt changed growing tight around her well proportioned breast as her brown school pants became a brown short school skir
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Mature content
Jailbird :icondoomed-swordmaster:doomed-swordmaster 9 749
Girls Scent: fear
Running that was all Dan could do as he could hear tree's being coped down by a man no make that a giant "why's he casing me" was all that went through Dan's head as he ran through a  forest  
"Let see his been after me for the last ten maybe twenty minutes...Wait what's that a house here" Dan Thought going over everything as he spotted a old looking house running to it just as he's chaser gained on him
"Going to get you" the man/giant said running after him coping trees down easily with his two axes
"House or giant/man… no joke house" Dan thought going through the gate running up to the half open door
"Hello anyone here" Dan said opening the door walking inside "what no one's here... ok cool" he said keeping an ear out for his chaser deciding to look around after about ten minutes coming to the bathroom "well all this running his made me need to go" walking in to the bathroom closing the door he never saw his chaser walk out the door across from the toilet
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Japan get better by doomed-swordmaster Japan get better :icondoomed-swordmaster:doomed-swordmaster 2 11
Lunch time study
The lunch bell had just rung  as  Ms. Fleur Yahi had watched all but a black hair, blue eyed boy leave the classroom
"Mr. Wolf aren't you going to lunch like the other's" she asked worried about a student
"Sorry Ms. Yahi but I'm just going to stay inside if that's ok and it's Ben" Ben said looking at Fleur
"ok but if you're staying inside you can start your class homework read the first three chapters of the textbook on the feminist movement and don't make a mess when you eat clear" Fleur said getting a nod "ok well I'll be back in five minute" she said walking out the door
"I'm not really hungry so I'll get my homework out of the way " Ben said opening the text book ready about the feminist movement not noticing that his short black hair had grow waist length or his body slimming down as his muscle's vanished leaving his body looking like that of a tall slim girl as this was happening Ben was ready the text not even aware of the changes as he coming finished ready
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Lunch out
it was a dark cloudy day that sore these two siblings walking around the older male had shoulder length white hair and purple eyes wearing mage like armour in grey with purple trims and a pointed hat the younger one a female also had white hair but her's was mid back and her pink eye's showed under a grey hat with a pink tiara on it she to wore armour but in grey with pink trims
"So brother are we going, I'm getting hunger" the girl said looking at her brother
"A café I heard is opening today, ok sister" the boy said looking at her nod at him "oh there it is" he said spotting the café  
"Welcome to Arrowhead café I'm Chloe" a girl said as they entered the café
"Thanks table for two please" the boy said looking at her
"Shore you're our first customers, follow me please" Chloe said directing the to a table "oh where's my manners I never asked your names" Chloe said as they sat at a table near the counter
"Mines Darkness King and this here's my little sister
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Gift of Life_ Choose five
"I pick number five" Misty said looking at the folders "I'm happy that you've picked my one " Chloe said "time to enjoy life happy kitty" with that said Chloe shot an arrow at Misty sending her into a single seater as she lost two feet in height, her golden blonde hair grew to waist length before being tied into two side ponytails as her clothing changed into a yellow dress as her breast shrunk as yellow beads appeared around her neck as her eye's changed to a brownish red "you're awake, That's good your parents should be home soon" Chloe said looking at the confused girl who just nodded as she tried to wake up.
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Gift of Life_ Choose four
"I pick number four" Misty said looking at the folders "cool that's my one" Rocky said "time to play Soul releaser" Rocky said sweeping the wind up with a low kick coursing the room and everything to disappear only to be replace by an open field of grass and a wooden fence "ok ware's my  gift" Misty said looking around not seeing that her hair had became whitish blonde or her eye's become emerald green  as her pink singlet top change into a dark purple dress with cuts up the side of it as her breast grow out a bit as red stockings and black high heels appeared on her feet "now where was I, oh right" Misty said shacking her haid as she climbed onto the fence pulling out a flute and began playing it.
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Gift of Life_ Choose three
"I pick number three" Misty said looking at the folders "you've picked my idea" Ryu said looking at her "Track sweeper" Ryu said doing a backwards horizontal slash with a black katana coursing her to lose a foot in length as her short golden blonde hair became waist length as it become a sandy blonde color as her body changed from a 17 year old teenage girls body to a 12 year old preteens body as her clothing changed red bloomers over black bike shorts and a white top with red rims as a black ribbon tied itself into her hair coursing her eye's to change from greeny –blue to dark blue "well reality change" Ryu said as the others and house disappeared replaced by a track with kids running around it "Mr. Kageha, is these the right foot ware for running "Misty asked now using a high girly voice as her shoes became white runners over  ankle length frilly socks "yes there good misty-chan" Ryu Kageha said as she nodded before joining the others in the run.  
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Gift of Life_ Choose second
"I pick number two" Misty said looking at the folders "that one was my idea Learning wave" Fleur said waving her hands  coursing papers to fly at Misty changing her blonde hair back to the brown it was but making it mid back before it was tied in a high ponytail as her eyes to returned to the brown color as her white draw string pants become a dark blue pleated skirt as her pink singlet top change into a school girls top as black socks appeared on her legs stoping just under her knees as dark brown marry janes appeared on her feet "almost down  just a reality change to go" Fleur said as the others disappeared as the room they were in changed into a school classroom "thanks Ms. Yahi" Misty said looking at Fleur "you're welcome Misty-chan, now you better get to your next class" Fleur Yahi said watching the new school girl nod walking off to class.  
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Gift of Life_ Choose one
"I pick number one" Misty said looking at the folders "that one was my idea master key" Tatsuo said swiping his hand coursing Misty to fly into an empty lounge her body grew a few inches as her blonde hair became a light purple growing to just past her shoulder before tying itself into a bun as her white draw string pants grew long becoming a skirt before growing up her legs changing into a dress and becoming green as her pink singlet top became a white short-sleeve  top as her stomach rounded out "so where we're we" Misty said now a lady of 25 "you were just about to tell us about your babies" Chloe said smiling at the mother-to-be "oh right I'll be have two girls" Misty said rubbing her stomach "well thank you for talking to us, hope you have a merry Christmas" Ryu said as he and the others got up to leave "you to I hope you all have one" Misty said showing them out before going up to take a nap.
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Gift of Life_ beginning
It was two days before Christmas and Spawn was at his computer when a knock was heard at his bedroom door "ok now that's weird I'm the only one home and somehow there's a knock on my door, can someone say bad horror story" he said getting up and to check his door upon opening it to find no one there but a noise from down the hall court his attention "ok ever some left the TV on or I've court the worst robbers" Spawn  said walking down towards were the sound come from 'ok it in the reading room' thought as he pocked his head around to see what was going on in there "well the guest of honour has finally shown up " A men  with short silver hair with red tips and red eye's said "well Rocky, do something" a girl with green eye's framed by long brown hair said "oh right dizzying punch " Fighter said punching the air towards Spawn coursing his short brown hair to lighten turning golden blonde as his eye's changed into a greeny blue as he lost some height and thinned out an
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hey i don't know how many of you know this but this account is dead i've had to get a new account 9 months ago due to problems and once this accounts membership is gone i'll be sending my work from this page to my new one :iconlord-corruption: is my new account so if you wanna keep watching me and my stuff please go there for does of you who like my stuff thanks i try really hard.

anyway i've been having writers block lately so to get over it and becouse it looks like fun i've started a "show for the viewers" store with Jayson(or Doomed-Sage from this account) ready to be tf'd/tg'd so if you wanna help me move it along or see what i'm doing now head over there

heres the link/ first page of the show for the viewers…

also there i've put one new story from my now and after story and have edited and moved bosses helper there

well anyway thats all i wanted to say

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